Inline skating lessons throughout London

Private lessons give you freedom to choose the time, place and the pace of your skating. We specialise in
beginners but can also instruct on more advanced technique: speed, freestyle and slalom being three areas.

With Citiskate you are getting not just excellent tuition but we are responsible for setting the industry standard
as our instructors currently dictate what the UK Inline Skating Association (UKISA) include in their instructor
certification programs. We think that's pretty impressive!

This technical expertise does not distract us from the important stuff: finding out what you want. Whether you
are a first timer, a seasonal skater or have the bigger ambition of doing a Sunday Rollerstroll or Friday Night
we can set a program to help you achieve your aims. Speak to your instructor and tell them what you
want to do - they will show you how.

Many of our instructors marshal or have marshalled one of the three year-round London street skates -
Citiskate are the founders of these events so there is no one better placed to tell you what you need to
successfully participate.

All you need to do is turn up with a willingness to learn and have fun!

We also run Monday night and Saturday afternoon courses

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Rental skates

Hyde Park
Hyde Park Corner tube

Queen Elizabeth Gate
(2 mins Hyde Pk Crnr Tube)
1-5 People £60ph, £80 per 90 mins etc.
(£10 additional person)
eg. 2 people, 1 hour, £30.00 each, 4 people, £15 each

1-5 People £15pp
5-12 people £10pp
(any length lesson)

eg. Total cost for 2 people,
1 hours tuition (with rentals): £90

Royal Albert Memorial
Kensington & Chelsea

Albert Memorial
Opposite the
Royal Albert Hall

(10 mins South Kensington tube)

As above

As above


Kensington & Chelsea

Black Lion Gate

(2 mins Queensway / Bayswater)
As above
As above


Peace Pagoda
(15 mins Battersea Park BR)
As above
As above


Southern Central Gate
(10 minutes West Dulwich BR)
As above
No rentals
No rentals

*Bishops Park
Putney Bridge

Bishops Circle
end of

(5 mins Putney Bridge Tube)
As above
No rentals
No rentals

Hammersmith tube

Hammersmith Apollo
opposite the

(5 mins Hammersmith Tube)
As above
No rentals
No rentals


Royal Observatory

end of CAR PARK
(10 mins Cutty Sark DLR )


Main Gate

Inside Gate
(4 mins Cutty Sark DLR)
As above
No rentals
No rentals

*Millwall Park
Isle of dogs

Island Gardens
DLR Station
(Island Gardens DLR)
As above
No rentals
No rentals

Skating lessons elsewhere in the country
UK Inline Skating Association

Admittedly, most people just want to learn how to stop but a private session also may include

For beginners
- how to put skates and pads on properly
- remaining stationary
- first steps
- correct falling (you will master this quickly)
- how to get up
- balance
- turning

- Hill starts / stops
- Parallel turns
- T stopping
- backward skating
- Crossovers

- Speed technique
- Street technique
- Emergency stopping
- Jumps
- side surfing
- Downhill

Further training
Take a look at the levels section. What is a 'Grapevine'
anyway? Push yourself further than just a 3, 4 or 5. Better still, take a lesson
in the fine art of street skating.

Try a group Lesson

If you are looking to become competent in the least time a private lesson is a quick way - but it may not be
the best. Consider our group lessons in London at one of several venues. Learning with a group gives your
skating a much more rewarding experience and our research has shown those that do a course tend to stick
with skating in the long run as you will meet like minded skater-heads from varying backgrounds (who also
fall over a lot!)

Don't want a lesson, just want to rent? Choose from any of these
Gift vouchers available
Corporate clients welcome

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